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120VC Irreverent Guide to Project Management Reviews


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Benefits of Adopting External Standards

Enlightened organizations understand the measurable benefits of adopting External Standards. 120VC’s External Portfolio, Program & Project Management Standards solve the following problems for our clients:

  • Enables their ability to recruit and hire Portfolio, Program & Project Managers that are trained and certified in their Standard.
  • Onboard resources that are productive day one.
  • Seamlessly transition a Project or Program from one individual to another.
  • Leverage external partners to support their rapidly changing Portfolio demand, and…
  • Constantly improve their Portfolio, Program & Project Management w/ cross industry best practices provided by the qualitative / quantitative data collected and analyzed by 120VC.

The External Standard provides Organizations and individual Portfolio, Program and Project Managers the tools and the training to realize the value intended by these disciplines and significantly increase their success and job satisfaction.