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120VC Project Manager On the Job Training Program

The difference between a Project Management certification from the PMI (the PMP®[1]) and from 120VC (the 120PMC) is simple. The PMI certifies an individual’s level of knowledge of the PMI’s project management principles. 120VC certifies that a Project Manager has mastered an approach for applying those project management principles and has demonstrated the ability to deliver projects with a high degree of quality.

The 120PMC is not intended to replace, but to complement, the PMP. The knowledge required to earn the PMP provides a general background, principles, and concepts – like an undergraduate program – while the knowledge and experience required to earn the 120PMC is like that of a post-graduate degree. Accordingly, the Project Management Training at 120VC focuses on teaching Project Managers a practical standard for planning and managing Projects successfully.

At 120VC, project reviews are the foundation of our rigorous on-the-job training program, which recognizes that the most effective learning results from reading, explanation, demonstration, and on-the-job application. Studies show that on-the-job training results in high quality more quickly, with more time spent managing projects and less time in a classroom.

When hired, Project Managers are immediately assigned to projects. During their first two weeks they are expected to study the Guidebook cover to cover and apply the principles to their projects in an effort to begin developing a basic understanding of our Project Management Standard. Their first Project Review is conducted during their second week on the job.

During the weekly Project Reviews the Program Manager evaluates the Project Manager’s understanding of the instructions in the Guidebook through review of their completed work. The Program Manager can then provide targeted instruction specific to the current Project Management deliverables, ensuring a high degree of comprehension and retention.

As our Project Management Standard is built on the PMI’s framework the time spent in Project Reviews qualifies for the Professional Development Units (PDUs) that are necessary for our Project Managers to obtain and maintain their PMP® certifications.

In addition to the Guidebook and on the job training provided during Project Reviews, we provide our Project Managers with instructor-led training for each of the chapters in our Guidebook. Since studies show that students only retain 10% of what is taught in a classroom but 90% of what is learned on the job, we require our Project Managers to attend our instructor-led training courses in parallel to studying, applying the Guidebook principals on the job and participating in Project Reviews.

By having our Project Managers read, apply, and master the Guidebook contents on the job, we significantly increase the effectiveness of our instructor-led training courses. But wait…  There’s more! The instructor led-training courses also qualify for PDUs.

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[1] PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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