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Project Leadership Academy Overview

Leaders change things; they push the human race forward. Leaders inspire those around them to reach for greatness. And… Successful leaders choose to put the success of their stakeholders before their own.

As trailblazers in the change leadership / project management fields, we take the fact that our clients put their success in our hands very seriously. Our clients look to us to ensure the best possible outcomes with their limited resources and to ensure the journey to “done” is a fulfilling experience.

Recognizing that business and leadership are about people, we had to be very deliberate in the development of a Leadership Program that would consistently produce graduates that:

  1. Exemplify the spirit of servant leadership in their words and actions, and…
  2. Move projects to completion as aggressively as possible to maximize the output of our clients’ time and money.

We started by developing a deep understanding of the experiential learning model developed by David Kolb.

Kolb Model

Kolb found that for an adult to learn or grow we need to stop and intentionally reflect on what we learned in a training session, or from the outcome of our own actions. Then conceptualize how we can apply what we learned or how we can improve upon our results. Once you have an idea of what improvement looks like, decide on a future approach and find an opportunity to put it to work.

The Project Management Leadership Academy (PMLA) is a 52-week program that does more than educate participants, it transforms the way they perform their jobs.

Our Transformational Learning platform blends in-person quarterly workshops, self-directed online modules, online instructor feedback, tele-classes, peer review and on the job application of the material, into a learning experience that supercharges our students’ performance.

The PMLA is only for individuals prepared to make a serious, long-term commitment to their own personal and professional development. And… That are actively managing a project that the PMLA material can be applied to.

The program was developed in collaboration with respected researchers, academics, and subject-matter experts. The program material, has been pulled from hundreds of books, articles, theoretical frameworks, and best practices that represent the best thinking in both the leadership and the project execution communities.

Enrollment requires sponsorship by an Academy graduate or an employer followed by an application and interview process to ensure a candidate’s cognitive, psychological, and emotional readiness.

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