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10 comments on “Testimonials”

  1. I am pleased to provide a glowing reference for J. Scott and his firm 120VC.  J. Scott’s approach to teaching and practicing Project Management enables project managers to develop around a framework that makes sense and enables their projects to succeed.  Most projects fail due to (lacking) leadership and 120VC’s framework emphasizes leaders to move a project forward.  As the Vice President of Cable Entertainment Technology at NBCUniversal, I can proudly say that we have followed 120VC’s framework for two years and have launched countless product and software development projects using the 120VC framework.

  2. I completed the 9-week Employment Transition Project Management training courses followed by the 9 exams to earn my 120VC Project Management Foundation Certification.

    The 120VC training program is outstanding! Each course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable Program Managers that provide simplified, real world, practical steps to complete projects successfully.

    I feel my confidence level in project management has taken a huge step in the right direction and the program enhanced my leadership skills.

    Thank you to Jason Scott, Steve Soika and the entire 120VC Team!

  3. I completed the spring Project Management Training and it is one of my professional career highlights. Although the training is designed to teach the 120VC standard to both new and experienced project managers, I often felt that the material was handpicked to address issues and concerns from my professional experience. I always felt the material was presented concisely but with broad application and, by the end of Exam 9, my paper copy was very well used! I have utilized training from internal, third party and educational institutions and found 120VC’s focus and professionalism raised the bar for delivering project management training at just the right level. The nine weeks of training, the Friday calls and, most importantly, the nine exams each moved the material forward.

    I appreciate their commitment to providing a dependable, world class project management standard, and I particularly appreciated their patience as I worked through the material, asking many questions, to obtain my 120VC Project Management Foundational Certification (120PFC).

  4. I just completed the complete online course and the follow-on testing to earn my 120PFC (Project Management Foundational Certification.)

    The training sessions are expertly taught by senior leaders at 120VC, all accomplished and successful Project and Program Managers. Jason Scott (CEO), Ken Walker, Scott Whelan, and Jeff Knight were excellent trainers/presenters/facilitators in the 9 weekly sessions, bringing in practical experience, helpful tips, and valuable life-lessons along with training in “best practices” which are embodied in the 120VC Guidebook and the 120VC Standard.

    I never felt like I was simply learning theory, but instead was being equipped with important and valuable tools for project management success. In just about every weekly session I thought, “I wish I had these tools on my previous projects!” And, I heard that same comment regularly from many of my classmates!

    While earning the certification was originally my goal, I realize now that the greater benefit for me was in the training, mentoring, and interaction by Jason and the 120VC team. Through the course of study and the certification exams, I had an opportunity to interact with a lot of 120VC staff members, from the CEO to support staff, from the longest-term employees to the latest Project Managers. All of them go “above and beyond,” and made me feel like a welcome member of a community of people who are dedicated to progress and growth on the road to excellence and success.

    I’m truly grateful to 120VC! — “Hopper”

  5. I want to acknowledge J. Scott, Scott Whelan, Jeff Knight, Carlos Garcia, Jim Adams, Rosie Banaban, and Ken Walker’s excellent service to our men and women of the Armed Forces. I have completed the nine Project Management classes and I have began taking the 120PFC exams. I have yet to encounter an educational system, and especially a private organization, that puts so much effort and desire into educating people on the methods their product produces.

    Now all we need to do is spread this great guide and provide standardization the PMs the world over are looking for. I have enjoyed every class and each instructor truly loves what they do, and loves to educate others on an excellent operating procedure to project management.

    My project management knowledge level has been enriched by the entire spectrum of classes within the 120VC training. I have now begun the curriculum of obtaining my PMP and all of the information discussed in the 120VC PM course rings true. I intend on incorporating the value driven steps into my work strategy wherever I am employed.

    Jason, Ken, Carlos, Scott, Jim, Jeff, and Rosie thank you very much.

  6. I want to acknowledge Ken Walker’s excellent ability to bring the concepts in the 120VC Guidebook to life through the ease with which he delivers the information and provides references to examples he has encountered through his knowledge and experiences. I feel fortunate that Ken taught three classes during the 120VC Project Management Course in which I was a student.

    My project management knowledge level has been enriched by the entire spectrum of classes within the 120VC training. I will incorporate the value driven steps into my work strategy whether as a Senior Business Analyst or Project Manager.

  7. The 120VC standard and training is in the top three of my all-time greatest contributors to my professional development. That puts it on par with my MBA, and above the PMP. The PMP has been awesome, but it lacks substance. It tells you what you should be doing, and what is available in the body of knowledge, but it doesn’t tell you how to do any of it. That’s where 120 comes in. Their practices are the secret sauce of effective project, program and portfolio managers. In very practical ways, the standard tells you how to properly define a project, hold people accountable, and steady the ship through the daily turbulence of project management.

    As I learned the standard, I started to conform my very complex enterprise project to the 120 standard. I started to see results immediately. As more and more of the pieces came into conformance, the project became more manageable. If I had to figure all this out for myself, it would have taken me 10 years with lots of trial and error.

    Lastly, it is not just the methods that are awesome. The eFolder with the templates, particularly the MS Project template, are clutch. I’m all about this standard, even to the point where I have adopted their font choice (Veranda) into my life.

  8. I’m an experienced PM who is studying the 120VC Standard. For me, it’s a refresher course to enrich my skills and keep them sharp while I’m in a job transition. The PM training is fantastic and very comprehensive. It really adds the ‘how’ and ‘why’ to the PMBOK basics “the what’. The materials are very well thought-out. Training is thorough and the instructors are very knowledgeable. I’m enjoying the class each week and look forward to becoming certified when I finish. Thank you 120VC!

  9. The 120VC Project Management Guidebook is an integral part of my PMO’s delivery toolset. We implemented the best practices as defined in the Guidebook to accelerate the maturity of our Project Delivery capabilities, enabling consistent, confident, and reliable planning, control and execution. In short order, this homogenous best-practice based approach being adhered to by all the PM’s in my PMO, has delivered tangible and palpable improvements in not only project success but also in project manager effectiveness.

    The use of the Guidebook complemented by 120VC instructor led training and project reviews has made all the difference because it has reinforced the good behaviors and ensured adoption and adherence. After having experienced first-hand these benefits and improvements in the way my PMO delivers projects, our customers have now demanded the instructor led training and program review support in order to teach their own project managers in the ways of the Guidebook for their own business-led efforts.

    Purchasing the 120VC Guidebook versus developing an in house toolkit saved us significant dollars, and time to market was essentially immediate with little to no maintenance required. A great solution for anyone focused on dramatically improving the quality of service and delivery of teams of project managers.

  10. I needed my team of PMs to adopt a consistent project management approach to cut down on the amount of time I spent trying to understand everything that was going on in my project portfolio. The approach had to be practical and flexible enough to handle both small and large projects. It also had to be something that my PMs would willingly adopt because they saw value in it. The 120VC Guidebook “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management” is just what I was looking for, and the results from adopting its approach have been outstanding.

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