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Project Management – What to Expect

Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, CIO’s and CFO’s can’t successfully control the outcome of their Portfolio if they need a secret decoder card to determine what criteria individual Project Managers are using to plan, track, assess Risk, identify appropriate responses to Risks, report status and rate health.  If everyone is performing these functions differently there is no way to quality assure the data, or the Project.  If the data can’t be quality assured, it can’t be used with any amount of credibility to make business critical decisions. 

Therefore the criteria for Project Manager success can’t simply be to get a project done.  Run-of-the-mill managers can do that.  The 120VC Project Management Standard was developed in the field while delivering projects on behalf of our clients.  It was built to enable Program and Portfolio Manager success by providing a standard set of proven tools to ensure the Project Manager succeeds and standard criteria with which to measure the Project Manager’s performance. At 120VC we measure a Project Manager’s success according to the following criteria:

  1. Drives Projects toward completion as aggressively as possible.
  2. Ensures the realization of the intended value from our client’s Methodologies & PPM Tools.
  3. Provides standardized, quality assured information to our clients so that data driven decisions can be made to effectively manage their PORTFOLIO of Projects.

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