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External Project Management Standard

120VC’s Project Management services are the foundation of our Project Management Standard and the basis for our training and certifications. As a Project Management Service provider, our mission is to help our clients complete the maximum number of Projects in their Portfolio for the amount allocated each year. We review our Projects on a weekly basis to ensure they are being moved forward as aggressively as possible (leaving no time or money on the table). These reviews also allow us to constantly look for ways to improve and streamline our Standard. Improvements always focus on “doing less” to achieve “greater value” for our clients, reducing administrative overhead and saving our Project Managers time. With this in mind, our list of services is simple. We provide our clients:

  1. An External Project Management Standard
  2. Project Management Coaching/Mentoring
  3. Portfolio Management Consulting
  4. Program Management Services
  5. Project Management Services

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