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Project Management – Key Performance Indicators

At 120VC, we assign a Certified Program Manager to oversee and ensure the success of each of our Projects. The Program Manager oversees the daily activities of the Project Managers on behalf of our clients and is ultimately responsible for the successful completion of their projects. Our Program Managers use 3 key performance indicators to evaluate their Project Managers on a daily and weekly basis.

  1. Meeting Minutes
  2. Daily Status Reports, and…
  3. Weekly Project Reviews

A Program Manager CAN NOT effectively manage a Program by solely relying on the information provided in their Weekly Portfolio Meeting, Weekly Project Status reports or by counting on their Project Manager’s judgment about when to escalate and get them involved. Like a Project Manager, a Program Manager needs to stay abreast of their Program’s progress and aggressively manage the lack of progress and Risks daily.

To do this, a Program Manager must review the Minutes and DSR’s published by their Project Managers each day. The PURPOSE of this review is to evaluate the following:

  • The agreements, task and Risk assignments being made in meetings.
  • What the Project Manager did or did not accomplish to aggressively move their Project closer to completion, and…
  • What the Project Manager perceives as their priorities for the following day.

Lastly, our Project Managers meet with their Program Manager on a weekly basis and complete a formal Project Review.  Each review has a specific set of criteria that the Program Manager checks off to stay intimately familiar with the Project’s progress, lack of progress and Risks. The Weekly Project Reviews in conjunction with a daily review of their Project Manager’s Meeting Minutes and DSR’s, give them the information necessary to evaluate their Project Managers and ensure the following:

  • Their Project Managers are driving their Projects toward completion as aggressively as possible.
  • Their Project Managers are ensuring the realization of the intended value from our client’s Methodologies & PPM Tools.
  • Their Project Managers are providing standardized, quality assured information to our clients so that data driven decisions can be made to effectively manage their PORTFOLIO of Projects.

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