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Program Leadership Services

The PURPOSE of a Program Manager is to ensure all of the Projects in their Program are completed and that the budget allocated to the Program is not exceeded.

As you know, the PURPOSE of a Project Manager is to manage the delivery of a project’s Objectives while controlling its Cost and Schedule.  If an organization doesn’t care how long or how much it costs to complete a Project, there is no need for Project or Program Managers.  Most organizations, given enough time and money, will eventually accomplish the Objectives associated with their Projects!

Assuming an organization has a need to control the cost and schedule of the Projects in their Programs, the most pervasive, potentially impactful Risk associated with a Project is the Project Manager.

If the Project Manager assigned to a Project lacks the training and aptitude to identify, prioritize and define effective solutions to the Risks that occur daily, the Project will cost more and take longer than anticipated.  A Project that accomplishes its Objectives but takes longer and costs more than was anticipated can be considered a success, but at great cost to an organization!

Remember, A Project can be a success in spite of the Project Manager!

At 120VC, it is our Program Manager’s job to eliminate any Risk to a Project’s end date or cost associated with a Project Manager’s aptitude, skill or performance.  In addition to evaluating and managing the Project Managers, a Program Manager controls their Program’s cost and ensures the completion of all of their Projects by:

  • Allocating funds from Projects in their Program with surplus, to Projects that need additional funds to complete or complete on-time, and by…
  • Allocating resources from Projects in their Program ahead of schedule, to Projects that need additional resources to complete on-time or within Budget.

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