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Lead. Get Excellent.

No one plans to be a Project Manager when they grow up. Many people gravitate to Project Management as an entry into software development, or more vaguely, “Tech” or “IT.”Project Management is what you do if you’re not an Engineer. Or a Designer. Or QA. Or any of the many positions that are viewed as a “value-add.”A needle mover.Conventional Wisdom will tell you that Project Managers aren’t needle movers. They don’t add value. They bring the donuts. They take notes. They herd cats.Conventional Wisdom has never read the 120VC Guidebook, or run a project using the 120VC Project Management Standard.The 120 VC Standard will transform your Project Managers from note-taking cat herders to leaders of teams. A needle-mover. A value-add.This isn’t a certification that will have you memorize five different terms to inform management that the project is late.The 120VC Standard shows you how to define the health of your project. How to communicate project status in a crisp, concise, and meaningful fashion.The core of the Standard is the Daily Status Report.Daily. Every Day? Sounds difficult.Tying your shoes was difficult. Until it wasn’t.Leadership is difficult. Excellent leadership is difficult.Get excellent.As a portfolio manager, The Daily Status Report allows me to see where things are moving, and as importantly, where they are not. When all of my Project Managers are keeping me current daily, I know exactly what needs to be done to keep everything on track. Add value. Move the needle.The 120VC Standard is a Standard, not a Methodology. Waterfall? You’re covered. Agile? The Daily Status report is a written Stand Up meeting. I distribute them among all of my Project Managers. Everyone knows where everyone is at. Our team can turn on a dime in response to any number of environmental changes. Last week we got a project out the door in 9 days. From kick-off to launched and live.Value was added. Needles were moved.If you manage a portfolio, you need all of your PMs on the 120VC Standard. All of them. I have not found a better predictor of a Project Manager’s ability to consistently lead project teams to excellence than the 120VC Standard.They will all complain about the Standard. Especially about the Daily Status Report. They’ll tell you it takes too much time. It doesn’t take as much time as a late, over-budget, or failed project.Excellence takes effort. That’s why it’s called work.Over time, the team adjusts and incorporates the Standard as part of their daily processes. Everybody learns something about the Standard. It saves me time. It saves my Project Managers time. I don’t get surprises. Everything just flows. Excellent leadership becomes routine.The tools are in your hands. Use them.Lead. Get Excellent.

Awesome Learning

I just finished taking the 120VC Project Leadership Program (PLP) and read a good portion of this guide. This book provides the tools and disciplines to stick to standards that make project managers successful. Project Managers lead and it is so much easier when you can follow a proven plan.

The 120VC Guidebook is one of the most useful books on Project Management that I've ever read. It really solidifies the 'theoretical' Project Management taught by PMI with the many different company specific methodologies and gives you a great process to start at a new company and 'hit the ground running'.

The Irreverent Guide to Project Management is an outstanding tool for referencing comprehensive, common sense, real world project management practices. Filled with 350 pages of step-by-step processes and procedures, it’s the ultimate “cheat sheet” and a steal at $19.99. Thanks, Jason!

I’ve had the pleasure of accessing the 120VC Project Management Guidebook through Jason’s mentorship program. Not only does it help you become a better project manager, but a better all around employee. If you follow the standard, you will succeed! I am using it in every aspect of my life for a more accountable way to work smarter and not harder.

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Online Project Management Leadership Program (PMLP)

Leaders drive change; they push the human race forward. Leaders inspire those around them to reach for greatness. Great leaders prove that extraordinary leadership doesn’t require official authority, it just requires that we put our team members success first.

Project Management is about helping Project Teams deliver transformational change without any positional authority. To do this efficiently and cost-effective and to achieve near 100% adoption on day one, Project Managers need to employ Project Management best practices AND great leadership techniques.

The 120VC online Project Management Leadership Program (PMLP) provides how-to instruction on the latest best practices being used by our Professional Services teams to execute enterprise-wide projects for our Fortune 500 clients. It also incorporates the latest thinking in Leadership best practices.

We developed the PMLP in collaboration with respected researchers, academics, and subject-matter experts. We curated the program material from hundreds of books, articles, theoretical frameworks, and best practices that represent the best thinking in both the leadership and the project execution communities today.

This online program combines weekly assignments, online learning community interaction, bi-weekly instructor-led classes, and quizzes; the combination of reading, sharing ideas, critical thinking, lecture, and quizzes is meant to reinforce the learning and enable the student to execute upon best practices.

There are two weeks of assignments and learning community interaction between each online instructor-led class. There is a total of 8 two hour instructor-led classes, each followed by a short quiz.  The entire program is 14 weeks.

PMI Talent TriangleEarn PDUs by completing our training!

By completing our instructor-led training courses, you can receive PDUs in all three of the Project Management Institute’s training categories; Leadership, Technical Project Management and Strategic and Business Management.

PLP - Jefferson
PLP - Jefferson
We named this cohort for one of our country's founders, Thomas Jefferson. In 1776 Thomas Jefferson was asked to form and lead a committee to draft the declaration of independence.

This action propelled the colonies toward their independence from Britain and was the first step toward becoming the world power we are today. Like the Declaration of Independence, the PLP is meant to educate and ignite a movement. A movement that will elevate the practices of Leadership, Team Work, and Humanity in the Work Place, maximize human potential and accelerate innovation.

Thomas Jefferson didn’t just drive change as a leader; he ignited it!

Price: $2,500.00


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