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At 120VC we don’t place very much value in certifications that indicate someone has knowledge. 120VC and our Clients are much more interested in certifications that indicate knowledge AND a track record of success.

We currently have three certification levels that were developed to convey progressive levels of knowledge and experience. Each level of certification requires successful complete of our academic curriculum which consists of nine classes (a minimum of 32 hours of instruction) and nine exams. A passing score for all exams is 90% and limited to three attempts.

The 120VC Project Management Foundational Certificate (120PFC) is much like the PMP in that it conveys an individual has thoroughly learned the requisite material and passed the requisite exams. PMI currently requires 35 hours of “Project Management Training” and a 61% or better to pass their exam. The difference in our material is that the 120VC Project Management Standard focuses on How-To, hands on, Project Management and requires significantly more effort/absorption to pass the multiple exams. When someone obtains this certificate they will be able to answer any How-To Project Management question in an interview and will know how to successfully ROCK a Project when they land the job.

The 120VC Certified Project Manager (120CPM) requires an individual to have their 120PFC, complete an entire Project Lifecycle and maintain a 95% Project Review Average for nine months while on the job and being overseen, coached and mentored by a 120VC Certified Program Manager. The last step in obtaining this certification is a letter of acknowledgement/recommendation from the 120VC Program Manager indicating that, in addition to being able to perform, the candidate showed an extraordinary amount of professionalism under pressure while executing their Project on the job.

The 120VC Certified Program Manager (120CPgM) requires an individual to have their 120PFC and master the 120VC Program Management Standard while on the job. Mastery of the 120VC Program Management Standard requires the candidate to demonstrate effective leadership of their Project Managers, Clients and the Projects in their Program while being overseen, coached and mentored by a 120VC Certified Program Manager. There is no time requirement for the on-the-job period, because individual aptitude varies. Those that have the aptitude learn and grow from their mistakes. Those that don’t are identified early in the Program.


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