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Painted Picture 2019

The following is 120VC’s Painted Picture. Painting a picture brings the future into the present so we can do something about it NOW. Here is 120VC’s vision for where we will be – by December 31st 2018.



  • 120VC is a national company firmly established with middle mid-market ($500M) to the Fortune 100, is well respected and conducting business in the following states (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, NY, Florida, Illinois, and Georgia).
  • 120VC is admired for its capacity to develop leaders that inspire those around them to reach their greatest potential. Leaders that are measured by their ability to lead their teams to achieve transformational outcomes, and for their capacity to sincerely care for their team members, clients and all they surround themselves with.
  • 120VC is recognized as the industry “go to” for Project Management consulting, training & best practices. Our advice is sought by the entire community from individual practitioners to Fortune 100 companies.
  • The 120VC Standards are recognized and embraced as subject matter agnostic (not bound to IT).
  • We celebrate face to face interaction because we understand that leadership is ABOUT people.
  • CEO’s perceive Project Portfolio Management as a critical role that CANNOT be delegated lower in their organization. Chief Portfolio Officers report directly to CEO’s. 120VC will accomplish this by working with organizations like Vistage, Conscious Capitalism, Young Presidents Organization, Entrepreneurs Organization, and The Project Management Institute,
  • CEO’s celebrate the 120VC Project Portfolio Management Standard, and hold their teams accountable to those best practices that allow them to make data driven decisions to ensure the maximum number of Projects are completed each year for the funds set aside. These efficiencies are gained without the constant use of the “Hero Factor” and their Project & Functional Teams are grateful to 120VC for their work life balance.
  • 120VC Certified Program Managers are highly sought after and engaged as Project Portfolio coaches in more than 50% of our clients PMO’s. Our clients PMO’s are subject matter agnostic and oversee a myriad of different Project types (IT, HR, Business Operations, Product Development, Etc…)
  • 120VC is known for 4 things. Transformation outcomes, client satisfaction, team member retention and truly developing / improving our team members. We understand that in addition to developing team member pedigree via brand name recognition, that truly developing / improving team members technical skills (Project Portfolio Management), leadership skills, emotional intelligence, & systems intelligence, results in high quality, client satisfaction and retention sky rocketing. 120VC Leadership believes that if we invest in building team member skill development / professional pedigree, superstar team members will stay and thrive at 120VC.
  • 120VC has significantly improved our clients’ ability to rapidly respond to a need for increased Project Management support. We have done this by migrating them to a widely adopted external Project Management standard, and eliminated their need to develop and maintain an internal proprietary standard. The adoption of an external Project Management Standard enables our clients to hire Project Managers that can be immediately productive in their environment, and eliminates the cost associated with the development and maintenance of their own internal proprietary standard.


  • 120VC Program Managers and Senior Program Managers are so focused on developing team member talent that every new team member hired has the drive, initiative, aptitude and emotional intelligence to be a future 120VC Certified Program Manager. As we grow, there are always team members that naturally take initiative and are ready to promote to Program Manager. The 120VC Program Management Steering Committee is developing and Certifying Program Managers monthly.
  • 120VC Program Managers, Senior Program Managers & Account Managers judge their effectiveness as leaders by the number of team members at 120VC they have hired and mentored to promotion.
  • All 120VC Team Members are servant leaders. Leaders that are known across the U.S. to understand that leaders only succeed by investing in and enabling the success of their Team Members. Everyone at 120VC BELIEVES that the only route to true and sustainable success is by investing in and enabling the success of our Team Members. Oppositely, we believe that Leaders that make decisions that solely enable their own personal success are short sited, and a cancer to 120VC’s culture and success
  • 120VC makes our clients part of our team /community. In addition to providing highly valuable services, we invest in our clients by truly developing / improving them as professionals.
  • We are humble and help anyone that asks. Project Management is a noble trade. We make others dreams come true… We are here to help!

Team Member

  • 120VC is the nationally preferred employer of Project and Program Management practitioners for three reasons:
    1. For the pedigree associated with brand name recognition tied to our consistent delivery of transformational outcomes, client satisfaction, team member retention & truly developing / improving our team members.
    2. Because practitioners want to obtain one or more 120VC certifications and begin contributing to the refinement of the Project Portfolio Management best practices documented in the 120VC Standards.
    3. Because practitioners are passionate about 120VC’s Mission, Purpose and Core Values
  • The 120VC Foundation has been training Jr. Military Officers and Senior enlisted in the 120VC Project Management Standard for the two years prior to their separation. The service members have had up to 18 months to apply the standard in their capacity in the Armed Forces. The training, mentoring and experience gained by these service members has turned into a pipeline of talented, trained and experienced new team members for both 120VC, our clients and the community.
  • Project Management requires rigor and hard work. 120VC Team Members are truly Fearless, Irreverent & Confident. Working at 120VC is not just rewarding, but fun. We are considered a cool company to work for. We work hard, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We aren’t trying to portray ourselves as stuffy professionals, we are simply authentic.
  • Individual Contributors at 120VC spend their time solving problems for our client by delivering assigned projects with excellence. In addition to solving problems by moving our projects forward as aggressively as possible, we constantly increase our Net Promoter score. We do this by regularly asking our Project Stakeholders about the low value activities that consume a disproportionate amount of their time, and then solve the problem, or provide a solution to our Program Manager for proposal to the client. Our clients will predominantly recommend us to a friend because we don’t just solve problems we are paid to tackle, we identify and solve problems that increase their work life balance or their professional pedigree.
  • 120VC Program Managers spend their time tackling escalations raised by our Project Teams that would otherwise need to be solved by our client. Our Program Managers also spend their time completing and vetting proposals with our clients to eliminate drag in their environment, or educating them on best practices that will eliminate drag associated with their day to day workload or strategic assignments. Program Managers are respected by our clients as trusted advisors, whose only agenda is to ensure the success of the initiatives they have entrusted us with, and to invest in and improve their work life balance and/or professional pedigree.
  • Our Program Managers are highly respected by their 120VC teams because they only invite “A” players that are aligned with our culture, mission, purpose and core values to join the 120VC team. Program Managers believe their role as a servant leader is to enable their team member’s success by providing tools, coaching and problem solving; they also believe that without accountability team members will never achieve their greatest potential. Therefore, our Program Managers hold their team members accountable to their commitments and the level of quality expected from everyone at 120VC. Program Managers have the aptitude to identify a hiring mistake and the courage to address it immediately. Program Managers handle these situations with enormous respect and transparency with the team member. And where possible, assist them with their transition.
  • 120VC Senior Program Managers spend their time working with our clients to identify opportunities to refine their best practices, train their team members and staff their Projects to ensure the maximum number of Projects are completed each year for the funds set aside, and to mitigate the need for the “Hero Factor” to the fullest extent possible. Senior Program Managers are focused on identifying 120VC Team Members that naturally take initiative and ensure that personal growth plans have been established. In addition, they ensure that the growth plans are executed to ensure that all of those that have the aptitude and take initiative at 120VC, rise to leadership positions as quickly as possible and celebrate their successes. Lastly, Senior Program Managers ensure that the commitments made to our clients are always delivered and that our client’s expectations are constantly exceeded.
  • 120VC Account Executives spend their time, networking and educating business leaders on the benefits, best practices and best approach for integrating Project Portfolio Management techniques into their organizations. Their opinions are considered non-biased as their only motivation is to serve and drive great value.
  • They grow their account base by providing consulting services to business leaders that result in huge wins for the client organization. These wins result in the development of deep relationships between the Account Executive and their clients. 120VC Account Executives believe that their goal is not to grow their book of business, but to develop deep relationships with our clients by creating enormous value for their organizations.
  • 120VC Account Executives ensure that members of their 120VC teams that naturally take initiative are being mentored and pulled-up through the ranks into leadership positions.
  • The CEO spends his time connecting with and speaking at Client Professional Development events, Vistage, Conscious Capitalism, YPO, PMI and 120VC Foundation events. His presentations are succinct, engaging and energizing while educating on Leadership and Project Portfolio Management techniques. He is highly sought by members of these groups for speaking engagements to large and intimate groups. His advice on how to integrate these techniques into different business verticals is highly sought and respected.
  • The Irreverent Guide to Project Management is considered the preeminent guide to Enterprise Agile Project Management. The Irreverent Guide to Demand Management is celebrated by functional organizations providing team members to support Projects.
  • The CEO limits his time to 1 speaking engagement per month to ensure his work life balance and to give him time to spend connecting with his family. Once per quarter he donates his time to a 5 day Project Management course for the 120VC Foundation. This 5 day course occupies his speaking engagement for that month.

External Stakeholders (Client, Vendor, Community, Competitor & the Environment)

  • 120VC Client, Vendor & Community Stakeholders are invested in and committed to supporting 120VC’s Mission / Purpose.
  • 120VC Client Stakeholders are invested in the results that gathering, sharing and analyzing qualitative / quantitative data have on the rapid development / refinement of best practices that further increase our joint ability to build efficiently and cost effectively. 120VC Client Stakeholders are committed to and openly provide 120VC with data to support our Mission and Purpose.
  • The 120VC Employee and Training Alumni Groups on LinkedIn are the industry go to for recruiting, collaboration, best practice innovation & Q/A.
  • 120VC has enabled organizations to more effectively support Project, Program and Portfolio Management by creating guidelines for and educating the Functional Managers and Individual Project Contributors that support multiple projects in matrix organizations on what to expect from their Project Manager, how to hold their project manager accountable, how to know when their teams are over allocated and how to either postpone project, or substantiate the need for additional team members before their projects are impacted by the over allocation.
  • Consumers of Project Portfolio Management know that 120VC stands for transparency and the creation of great value for their organizations. Those that are true leader’s interested in driving great value for their organizations know us and want to work with us. Those consumers that are the enemy of transparency and act as if their job description is solely to do what is required to keep their jobs, are repelled by us.
  • Companies providing Project, Program & Portfolio Management Services to their clients seek to have their services certified by 120VC. These organizations achieve and maintain their 120VC certifications as a competitive advantage over organizations struggling to achieve the same level of competence.


  • 120VC is recognized by all media outlets and its team members as a “best” place to work. All Team Members from entry level to the CEO truly care about each other’s success and wellbeing.
  • 120VC regularly makes the top 50 small to medium size companies to work for on Glassdoor’s Employee Choice Awards.
  • Articles have been written about how 120VC broke the mold set by big 4 consulting, and has created a new model where services organizations outperform traditional consulting models by focusing on creating value for their stakeholder vs. shareholder profit maximization.
  • Harvard School of Business completed a case study on 120VC’s approach to client stakeholder integration, focusing on how, in addition to providing world class services, we improve our clients as professionals.
  • The 120VC CEO was featured in a “TED Talk” that inspired people to leverage their company and personal successes to do more than collect a pay check and increase shareholder value. The “TED Talk” inspired a movement called the “TED Walk”. The “TED Walk” has inspired millions to identify ways to leverage their company or individual success to contribute positively to society as a whole, post their intentions online, and then Walk Their Talk.
  • Articles have been written about how 120VC has contributed to the rapid growth, maturity and increased value proposition of the Project Portfolio Management community by training, coaching, mentoring and helping employ both transitioning and new practitioners outside the 120VC team at no cost through the 120VC Foundation. Essentially that we trained non-120VC personnel at no cost and then assisted them with finding employment outside of 120VC.
  • Articles have been written about 120VC’s approach to growth by creating champions at all levels in organizations. 120VC created these champions by doing more for our stakeholders than what we were simply paid to do, by creating value for them while sincerely not expecting anything in return. Because 120VC believes in “doing good”, because its good!