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Who We Are

Our Purpose

That every 120VC team member exemplify the spirit of servant leadership; to be the leaders that all others aspire to be. Because leaders change things; they push the human race forward. Leaders inspire those around them to reach for greatness. And leaders prove that extraordinary leadership does not require official authority, it simply requires that we put the prosperity of our stakeholders first.

Our Approach

Innovation requires that we constantly challenge the status quo; that we possess a willingness to:

  • Take the initiative toward bold action
  • Make mistakes, and most importantly…
  • Immediately put the lessons learned into action for the benefit of our stakeholders.

We live our Purpose by:

  • Delivering the highest value possible to our clients by creating wins for them.
  • Working with our clients and their team members as a single integrated high-functioning team, and…
  • Contributing positively to the growth and well-being of the clients we serve, our team members, vendor partners, competitors, shareholders and the environment.

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